Oath of Citizenship to the Republic of Kanata

I, _______________________________________ , hereby sever all allegiance to the Monarch and Crown of England and the government of the Dominion of Canada. I solemnly pledge my Citizenship to the Republic of Kanata and to its Laws and its Constitution. I pledge to actively establish and defend the Republic and to stand in solidarity with and defend all those who take this Pledge. I make this Pledge freely, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, according to my honor and liberty as a sovereign, free born man or woman. 
_____________________________________________________________ (Signed and dated) 
The following Citizenship Card is then issued:The bearer of this card, ____________________________________ , is a duly sworn citizen of the Republic of Kanata. He or she is entitled to all of the liberties of a sovereign Citizen of the Republic according to its Laws and Constitution, and stands within its protective national jurisdiction. 
______________________________________________________ (signed and dated)  

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