Questions and Answers
Is the Republic of Kanata an actual lawful government?

Yes. Its founding Constitution disestablished the political authority of the British Crown in Canada and replaced it with a Sovereign Nation consisting of free, self governing people. The legal legitimacy and jurisdiction of the Republic is being created by Sovereign Assemblies across the nation. The authority of all former agents and officials of the Canadian government and the Crown is now revoked and abolished forever.

How does the new Republic affect my life?

Freedom from Debt Slavery: In the Republic, you will be freed from all of your former debts, mortgages and taxes, which will be declared legally null and void by the Constitution of the Republic. Any attempt by agents of the old regime of “Canada” to collect such debts or coerce you will constitute illegal acts, and the perpetrators can be arrested by Republican sheriffs and tried for treason by the Common Law courts of the new Republic. All banks, credit and money supply will be under the control of the people.

No income tax: Income taxes will be abolished under the new Constitution.

Prosperity: You are eligible to receive up to two hundred hectares of land formerly held by the so called “Crown”, as well as income assistance accrued from the wealth hoarded by Crown agencies and their super-rich corporate and foreign partners.

Justice:You will have direct control over the Law and the courts of the land by electing their judges, juries and sheriffs.

Direct Democracy: If you are sixteen years or older, you can vote in elections every two years to a General Congress and every year to local Republican Assemblies. You can also recall any elected or non elected public official, judge or sheriff who has violated their oath of office or lost the confidence of the people.

What is the Common Law?

It is the basis of all legitimate government and authority. It is inherent in all men and women and establishes them as unconditionally free, self governing and sovereign people whose life and liberty cannot be subverted or abolished by any power.

The Common Law is superior to and outweighs all government statutes and other legal systems such as church “canon law” and so-called “admiralty law” employed by governments to rule arbitrarily. “The common law is common sense written by God in the hearts of the people” (Justice Edward Coke, 1628)

Are Common Law Courts legal and valid?

Yes. Their authority and legitimacy as upholders of the rights of the people is recognized by the United States Supreme Court and even by Canadian “Crown” courts, which are descended from the English Common Law tradition. That tradition recognizes that the people themselves are the best guarantors of their own liberty, and that therefore, the law is upheld and defined by citizen juries and enforced by local Sheriffs who are answerable to the people and not a central government.

Who is Kevin Annett and what is his role in the Republic?

Kevin is a seventh generation Canadian of Scots-Irish-Metis ancestry. He is one of the three National Conveners of the Republic and an original signatory to the Proclamation of Independence of January 15, 2015. 

Kevin is a leader of the global Common Law movement and of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS). He works actively with many victims of Crimes against Humanity in Kanata and around the world. Kevin is also a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and award winning author and human rights figure. Born and bred on the prairies and west coast, Kevin is the former United Church minister who in 1995 and after first exposed and documented Genocide by Church and Crown in the Indian residential schools.

Kevin’s biography, books and decades-long campaigns can be found at .

How do I go about joining the Republic and getting involved?

The Republic of Kanata is a fact: as of January 15, 2015, you live within its Common Law jurisdiction anywhere on the territory of the former “Dominion of Canada”. You can declare your formal citizenship within the Republic by taking a Pledge to the Republican constitution and receiving official identification as a member of the Republic, including a passport and citizenship papers. You can also take an oath of office as a sheriff or other public official, and become involved in your local Republican Assembly, by contacting .

Do indigenous nations have to be a part of the new Republic?

No. If any genuine indigenous nation decides unanimously not to be affiliated with the Republic, they may legally secede and establish their own separate nation within the general Federation of the Republic. However, the indigenous nation may not create laws or practices that violate the Constitution and Common Law of the Republic. If the indigenous nation remains within the Republic, they will have guaranteed representation in a separate Chamber of Indigenous Nations within the General Congress.

Am I at risk under the new Republic?

There are risks involved in any freedom movement. But the Law and the people are with us, and more police are coming over to our jurisdiction every day alongside our growing network of sworn Common Law Sheriffs. Your liberty and security will be guaranteed the more you make the Republic a reality by your own refusal to participate in the old system called “Crown law” and “Canada”. Turn away from the old and reclaim the land, the law and the future, for all of us.

What do I do next?

  • Take the Oath to the Republic (following)
  • Join your nearest Republican branch or Assembly, and help educate and mobilize your family and neighbors in support of the Republic
  • Keep your taxes in your community and issue our Stand Down Order to all government agencies and their agents
  • Receive training as a Common Law Sheriff or Republican Convener
  • Defend your fellow members of the Republic