A Public Notice and Invitation to the Police Forces of our Community Defend the Health and Liberty of the People: Do Not Enforce Unlawful and Unhealthy Covid Measures!

A Call to Canada’s Police Forces: Defend the Health and Liberty of the People!

As sworn peace officers, you are entrusted to defend us as citizens. You are not obligated to enforce measures that endanger or attack our health or civil rights. But that is exactly what is expected of you now by the handful of bureaucrats who are unlawfully imposing masking, distancing, and mandatory vaccinations on all of us.

The covid virus is no more lethal than a seasonal flu. Even WHO and CDC data shows that there is no global pandemic, despite what the corporate-run media says. And yet we are expected to obey arbitrary orders of unelected “health” officials that strip us of our rights without cause. The covid measures have not been authorized by Parliament or any court of law. For that reason, as police officers you cannot and should not enforce such measures.

In the coming weeks, mandatory vaccinations will be imposed on all of us without our informed consent, which is illegal. We ask and expect you NOT to enforce vaccinations on the people of our community. If you do so, you will be aiding and abetting a crime against all of us and will be liable for prosecution under the law.

We invite you to work with us to uphold the rule of law and the health and inborn liberty of We the People. We ask you to partner with the Sheriffs of our Republic, which is re-establishing democracy and lawful authority in Canada in the face of a corporate tyranny and Rule by Decree. Stand with us in the defense of our lives, our children, and our liberties!

Issued by local citizens within the Republic of Kanata. Contact us through republicnationalcouncil@protonmail.com and see www.republicofkanata.ca