Preparing for Power: A Message for Republic Citizens – March 13, 2021

West Coast Regional Council of the Republic of Kanata
Kevin Annett and Carl Redvers, Co-Conveners

Preparing for Power: A Message for Republic Citizens

March 13, 2021

Preparing for Power in the New Republic: A Springtime Message and Update from Kevin Annett

Dear friends,

Have you ever noticed how the first green buds of spring can survive a sudden cold snap and the return of sub-zero temperatures? Something unseen and stronger than the cold allows the new life to burst forth.

Our situation as Republic citizens is a lot like that right now. An entire year of the covid police state may have chilled our hopes for a time but it has not stopped our new Republic from growing. In fact, the cold climate of tyranny has spurred that growth. Our numbers are greater now than ever and new battle-trained Republic leaders are emerging across our nation. And like the weather right now, an old spirit and a new one are fighting for supremacy within us and among us.

The west coast of Kanata has been a hotspot in this battle. Over half of our Republic Assemblies have formed in “British Columbia” in response to a growing popular support. The criminal Trudeau-sponsored Chinese takeover of the coast has brought hundreds of people into our ranks in BC. But our success has not surprisingly been counter-attacked by a sustained black ops takedown of many of our west coast Assemblies. And yet each attack teaches us about our adversary and has helped harden a remnant of Republic citizens who refuse to give up. Through that core of local leaders, we have rebuilt our groups to the point that we can now take the fight to a higher level, by focusing on passing and enforcing our own laws and building our own government from the grassroots.

And so this Monday, March 15, we are establishing in Vancouver a Regional Council for the Republic that will unite and solidify all our work on the west coast. The Council will consist of delegates from local Cells and Assemblies across “British Columbia” with the guidance of its Conveners, Kevin Annett and Carl Redvers. The Council will consolidate all our west coast citizens and conduct new recruiting drives, citizenship schools and training programs for Cell Conveners and Sheriffs. We will also launch public campaigns that raise the profile of our Republic among the people and train them how to reclaim the wealth and the land of the nation through our Republic Assemblies and Courts.

In that regard, please note these important upcoming dates:

March 20: “End the Lockdown” National Day of Action, featuring rallies, reclamations, and other direct actions to disrupt covid measures.

April 15: Aboriginal Holocaust Memorial Day actions, including a Genocide Teach-In by Kevin Annett online and at the reclaimed William Combes Memorial Park in downtown Vancouver.

May 1-2: West Coast Leadership Training School for Conveners and Sheriffs

July 1-4: First National Constitutional Convention of the Republic of Kanata, to be held in Vancouver with video-feed to the entire country.

To move forward in these and future actions, we must be scrupulously honest of our experience and work up to now. We all believe in liberty in the abstract, and words are cheap and easy. But we have learned the hard way that many people, including those who pledge themselves as citizens, are not yet ready for the risks and requirements of liberty. They prefer instead to have a passive, wait and see attitude to our work, and they resist any regular practice together.

For example, our quite reasonable request to our citizens that they share the burden of funding and building our local groups has often been met with hostility and resistance from even the most “awake” people who unfortunately have not been able to overcome a lifetime of learned dependency and individualism. Even more than the disruptive operations aimed at us by the state, people’s refusal to govern themselves within a group discipline and share responsibility for building the Republic has been the chief cause of the collapse of our Assemblies.

Clearly, our original open-door policy that allowed anyone to join our movement has created a confusion that comes from mixing people of widely different commitments and beliefs. The “everyone for himself” view of democracy is fine for a talk shop or a personal therapy group but prevents any kind of consistent action together by which we can learn the same lessons.

The popular view of freedom in our culture is freedom for oneself, and freedom from restraint or obligations. But liberty for everyone means much more than that: it means establishing a national identity as a Republic that ensures the liberties of all. But that cannot happen unless our concern for the least of our people is as great as our concern for ourselves.

Individualistic democracy is one dimensional and narrows our notion and practice of liberty. It creates an unequal balance of power, like when some people pay dues and others get a free ride, or some attend the decision-making meetings regularly and others come when they feel like it. Ironically, this creates an even more undemocratic group by allowing the committed participants to gain more experience and authority than other, less involved citizens.

Our citizenship pledge requires that we each actively establish the Republic and defend our fellow citizens. Yet the same people who make that pledge have refused to fund our work or be active, proving that they did not mean what they pledged. If we citizens cannot keep our word to one another, how can we trust each other to cover our backs? If we will not shoulder the same responsibility and commitment at this early stage of our growth, how will we ever establish a new nation together? The truth is, we will not. Nor will we win the support of indigenous people, according to our National Council member Dennis Jourdain, who says “We will only trust white people if they’re willing to risk and struggle like we do every day.”

In short, to survive the coming year we must tighten our organization and lay a firmer foundation to build the house of our Republic. For that reason, as of Monday, March 15, 2021, our West Coast Council will adopt the following policies to govern all its Citizens, Cells and Assemblies. We strongly recommend that these policies be adopted by all Republic groups across Kanata and be enshrined in our Constitution.

To begin afresh on an equal playing field for everyone, we ask all citizens to re-apply for their citizenships to the National or West Coast Regional Councils according to the following criteria:

  1. Anyone who applies for Republic citizenship and takes the pledge has a probationary membership status for thirty days, during which time he/she must undertake the full responsibilities of citizenship: namely, to regularly attend all local meetings and events, pay dues and recruit others to the Republic. If they do so, after thirty days, they become a fully confirmed citizen and are issued their citizenship card. If any confirmed citizen fails to maintain these three responsibilities for a period longer than thirty days without a valid reason, such as illness or unavoidable commitments, their citizenship can be revoked at the discretion of the local Convener according to due process and the Republic Constitution. But this revocation, like all local decisions, can be appealed to the National Council.
  2. All confirmed citizens must immediately participate in a mandatory day-long Republic Citizenship School prepared by the National Council.
  3. No Republic Assembly can be formed except through the consolidation of four or more local Cell groups that have functioned harmoniously and according to these policies for at least ninety days. A Charter and local bylaws will be issued by the new Assembly in consultation with the National and Regional Councils, which will monitor and assist the Assembly in all its work.
  4. The West Coast Regional Council consists of delegates from local Cells and Assemblies along with its two conveners, Kevin Annett and Carl Redvers. The Council has the power to assist, investigate, discipline, or suspend any Citizen, Cell, or Assembly based on just cause and due process according to the Republic Constitution and the sanction of the National Council.

The Republic of Kanata represents a return to the Natural Law of every indigenous nation, in which the primary concern is the equality and wellbeing of all people and their harmony with creation. This way cannot help but conflict with the individualistic narcissism of the present age in which we have all been raised. Unlearning that programming happens naturally in the course of working together to establish the Republic. And yet this shift may not be possible for some people; our active core may remain small for now. But we know from our own experience that numbers alone never determine the outcome of a battle; persistence and determination does.

What matters now is that we build the foundation of our future nation through a core leadership that can survive the ups and downs of our struggle and persevere with a collective will to victory.
The challenges and conflicts we have experienced recently in our Republic will seem like child’s play in contrast to what is to come, as we engage our adversary on many fronts. What matters is that we never give up on our vision, our aims and our work together to bring about a new society independent of the global corporatocracy. Time eventually makes all of us warriors and veterans who can lead and train the next generations – but only if we endure and learn.

We are honored to be able to lead a frontline fight for Kanata and against corporate tyranny here on the west coast. We know that all our lessons learned, and victories won, will rebound to the benefit of all the citizens of our great Republic, now and in the years to come!

Respectfully submitted by the Co-Conveners of the West Coast Council of the Republic

Kevin Annett and Carl Redvers ,

March 13, 2021