Breaking News, June 20, 2021: Genocide Whistleblower nominated for Order of Canada

Genocide Whistleblower nominated for Order of Canada

Sunday, June 20, 2021


The man who has led the public campaign to expose and prosecute the Indian Residential School Genocide has been nominated for the Order of Canada.

Kevin Annett, the former United Church minister who first publicized evidence of the deaths of native children in 1995, was named today as “one who, at enormous personal cost for over a quarter century, has compelled Christian Canada to face its shadow and brought not only the truth but hope and life to countless people.” His nomination was made by a group of nineteen Canadians and indigenous elders. (A partial list of nominators is below)

Along with their individual nominations, the group stated in a letter to the Order of Canada Nominations Committee,

“The genocide of tens of thousands of indigenous children in Canada is known today because of the pioneering actions of Kevin Annett. Against the stream and in the face of blacklisting, misinformation and persecution, Kevin documented and proved the Crimes against Humanity committed by his own nation and its churches. His lonely courage and selfless perseverance for the sake of the murdered and the helpless should earn him the respect and honor of a genuinely healed, responsible society. As much as any Canadian living or dead, Kevin Annett deserves the thanks and recognition of his country. The awarding to him of the Order of Canada will sanction and encourage the long and unfinished struggle to overcome the crippling legacy of colonialism and genocide.”

Kevin Annett organized the first independent Tribunal into Indian residential school crimes in Vancouver in June 1998, authored its report and several books on Genocide in Canada, and in the spring of 2007 released an award-winning documentary film, Unrepentant. His movement forced Canada’s historic residential school apology in June 2008 and launched an international movement to prosecute crimes against children by Church and State. This campaign compelled the resignation of Pope Benedict in 2013 after convicting him, Queen Elizabeth and others of Crimes against Humanity.

Kevin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 and 2015 and received the prestigious Prague Peace Award in 2016. In recognition of his work for their people and the disappeared children, elders of the Anishinabe indigenous nation in Manitoba adopted Kevin Annett into its Crane Clan in April 2006 and gave him the name Eagle Strong Voice.

The nomination of Kevin Annett for the Order of Canada is accompanied by the launching of an independent Canadian Genocide Tribunal on July 1 in which Kevin will serve as the principal Advisor. Indigenous and international leaders have endorsed the Tribunal and Kevin’s Order of Canada nomination.

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Issued Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sarah Webster, Press Officer for the Canadian Genocide Tribunal

Partial List of Nominators of Kevin Annett as Order of Canada recipient:

George Brown, retired RCMP officer and member of the Gitxsan indigenous nation

Sazacha Sk’tghaxeeahw Nancy Nash, Elder of the Haida Nation (“Having had the privilege to work with this modern day hero and justice warrior I can wholeheartedly state he is deserving of the highest honors and awards and medals this country has to offer. For his bravery, courage, tenacity, keeping the faith and never giving up.”)

Frank Ermineskin, Elder of the Cree Nation, Hobbema (“Kevin is one of the only white men I trust because he has given up everything for my people.”)

Tricia O’Connor, Welland, Ontario (“I nominate one of the bravest persons I have had the pleasure to meet in all my 66 years.”)

Sheila Swift, Vancouver

Katie Stoqua, Elder, Huron Nation, Ontario (“Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice does what few of us will do and deserves the highest recognition from his own people, as he has received such honor from mine.”)