Investigating themselves, again: Latest OPP scam and genocide concealment in Canada

The Canada Tragic-Comedy Hour

The Canada Tragic-Comedy Hour

November 28, 2022

Investigating Themselves, Again:

News Item: “Ontario Provincial Police open ‘tip line’ for anyone with information on criminal acts and child killing at the Anglican Mohawk residential school in Brantford”

“Hello, is this the OPP Tip Line?”

“Yes it is, how may we help you?”

“I have information on mass graves of children at the Mohawk residential school.”

“Please go ahead.”

“Well, actually, you guys have the information already.”

“What do you mean, we have it?”

“The OPP dug up graves of children there in the fall of 1982, when the Woodlands Cultural Center was being built. Just check your files.”

“Oh. Who told you that?”

“Tara Froman, the curator, Geronimo Henry, a survivor who buried the kids, hell, lots of people saw you guys doing it.”

“I’m afraid we have no record of that, sir.”

“Then there’s the forensic dig that happened there in October 2011, sponsored by nine Mohawk elders. It turned up children’s bones too. Don’t you guys read the papers?”

“Look, sir, I’m afraid I can’t …”

“You’ll want to talk to Greg Olson of the Ontario Coroner’s Office and Kris Nahrgang of Trent University. They examined the bones and said they were those of children. And Doctor Don Ortner of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, who said the same thing.”

“Sir, let me put you through to our legal department …”

“Then there’s Principal John Zimmerman’s letter from 1948 saying ‘We’ve been forced to bury the children two or three to a grave behind the school.’ Shit, even your dumb TRC whitewash quoted him!”

“Sir, I really think you should speak to …”

“Oh, and don’t forget when you guys said in 2012 that there were no graves at the Mohawk school and even if there were, you had no mandate to investigate them. You OPP jokers are cops, aren’t you?”

“There’s no reason to be mean, sir. Now I am transferring you to …”

“Hold on there, sister, I’m not done. Why not call up Anglican Archbishop Fred Hiltz in Toronto? Early in 2012 he ordered the destruction of all the Mohawk school records of graves and dead kids there, according to Leona Moses and Bishop Bob Bennett. That’s tampering with crime evidence, isn’t it? Shouldn’t old Fred be in jail?”

“That’s outside my pay scale to say, sir. I’m just the secretary here.”

“Well, then Ms. Secretary, please tell your OPP bosses that we’re opening a public Tip Line for OPP cops or anybody else to call if they have information on coverups and murder of children by Government, Church, and Police officials.”

“Sir, I don’t think I can do that.”

“And finally, if they want any more proof, check out under ITCCS Archives. There’s a whole dossier of evidence on the mass graves and killings at the Mohawk school. It was sent to the media and to you guys in March 2012, and all of you guys stayed silent.”

“Oh! Murder by decree? You mean Kevin Annett?”

The line goes dead.

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Geronimo Henry and Kevin Annett, 2011 Mohawk school dig, October 2011

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