For immediate release, December 27: An Open Letter to Bishop Brian G. Mascord of Lumen Christi Catholic Church of Wollongong: Why was I assaulted in your church for simply telling the truth?

An Open Letter to Bishop Brian G. Mascord of Lumen Christi Catholic Church of Wollongong:

Why was I assaulted in your church for simply telling the truth?

December 27, 2022

Dear Bishop Mascord,

My name is Georgina Cameron. I am a 68-year-old disabled woman who, on December 21, was assaulted by you, a priest, and three other men while I peacefully made an announcement to your parishioners before the regular mass.

When I was assaulted, I was describing to them your church’s standing policy known as Crimen Sollicitationas (1929), which compels all Catholics to conceal child rape in your church, and not tell the police. I accurately informed your parishioners that this policy places their children at risk and forces them all to be accessories to a criminal conspiracy to protect child rapists in their church.

In short, I was performing an honest and lawful public service in an attempt to prevent child torture. I did so in a public space paid for with my tax money, acting according to my responsibility and Duty of Care as a teacher.

You know these facts to be true because you personally participated in the assault on me.

As you recall, as I spoke I was quickly surrounded by three large men led by one of the parish priests, who I believe was James Arblaster. These men mobbed me and tried forcing me into the corner, despite me being disabled and on crutches. In the process they grabbed my arm and hurt me. Meanwhile, the priest tried grabbing my statement out of my hand and then, when I kept reading it, he screamed at the parishioners to ignore what I was saying.

This attack not only hurt me physically but terrified me because of the hatred and rage in the eyes and manner of my assailants. They put me in fear for my life because of the violence and brutal shutdown they were inflicting on me, simply for being an “inconvenient” truth teller.

In the midst of this brawl, you, Bishop Mascord, joined the assault on me. You stood over me and insisted I be quiet, ignoring the violence being inflicted on me by your clergy and the other men. Only when I confronted you about your complicity in enforcing the Catholic Crimen policy did you withdraw and hurry from the church.

After that, I made my way out of your church on my crutches while being pursued, harassed, and placed in continued fear for my life by the priest and his goon squad.

Brian Gregory Mascord, I publicly charge you with personally aiding and abetting this criminal assault on me and on the children of your parish, in your capacity as a paid fiduciary agent of the criminal conspiracy known as the Roman Catholic Church. I will be so charging you in public courts of law and before the court of public opinion.

If proper redress cannot be found in such courts, I will join with others and exercise my lawful Right of Necessity by performing a Citizen’s Arrest on you and your accessories.

We will also be demanding from every level of government in Australia that the tax exempt status of your Roman Catholic Church be immediately nullified because of your criminal policies and practices.

The outraged citizens of our community, including members of your own parish, will soon be joining me to confront you over this matter. We will take whatever measures are required to protect the children of our community from the institutionalized rape, murder, and coverup being perpetrated on the innocent by your Roman Catholic Church.


Georgina Cameron

in association with local citizens and the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)


Note: A signed and notarized copy of this letter is being delivered to the Lumen Christi Diocese Office and to police, municipal, and judicial authorities, and to the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State.