“Serve Tyranny No Longer”: A Kanata Independence Day Call to Crown officials, police, and soldiers

“Serve Tyranny No Longer”: A Kanata Independence Day Call to Crown officials, police, and soldiers

From Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice on behalf of the Republic National Council and its affiliated, treatied indigenous nations

Welcome to the 8th anniversary of the founding of our sovereign Republic of Kanata!

Today, in many communities our flag is being raised to reclaim our nation for all the people – and to demonstrate that our Republic isn’t just a good idea whose time has come, but is a living and working reality. For in the past eight year our local Republic Assemblies and their courts have passed laws outlawing COVID measures ,seizing federal taxes and keeping them in our communities, and banishing and seizing the properties and wealth of the genocidal and criminally convicted Catholic, Anglican and United churches, and land stolen by “the crown”.

the seeds we planted in 2015 are sprouting everywhere, in dozens of communities where our local Republic Assemblies and common law courts are nullifying crown authority and passing our own laws that reclaim power and wealth for all the people. Our Republic National Council has signed treaties with the Chilcotin, Cree, Metis and Squamish traditional indigenous nations, recognizing our respective sovereignty and territories, and pledging to create together a federation of equal nations to replace the genocidal regime called Canada. And we have planted Republic cells among local police, the RCMP, and the Canadian military, whose patriots have renounced their oath of allegiance to the British crown and taken it to our Republic and its Constitution.

But this great and hopeful grassroots revolution is coming at a time of great peril, similar to that moment in 1776 when American patriots issued their Declaration of Independence from Britain as its warships and soldiers prepared to crush them out of existence. We now face an equally lethal enemy in China and its financial backer in Rome, whose tentacles are squeezing the life blood from our land and imposing a corporate tyranny on all our people. And that same corporate machine imperils all humanity and its natural liberty, and forces every man and woman to choose sides in what is now a fight to the death.

And so today, on behalf of the National Council of the Republic of Kanata and our treatied indigenous allies, I am issuing a special call and an order to every official of Canada’s provincial and federal governments, to their judges and court officers, to the police and the army, and to every Senator and Member of Parliament and provincial legislature. This call is being echoed and issued, as well, by our nine allied Republics to the governments of their own nations. It is a call and an order to these officials to stand down from their offices and to switch sides by pledging themselves to our free Republic and its democratic constitution.

To these agents of oppression, we say the following:

You, the officials, judges, Members of Parliament, and the police and soldiers of Canada – you are all serving a tyrannical police state that has swept away democracy and the rule of law – a system of corruption, genocide, foreign takeover and murder, run by criminals. You have sworn an Oath of Allegiance to the foreign, unelected and unaccountable felon called King Charles rather than to the law or to the people of Canada. As his personal agent, you bear personal responsibility for the Canadian genocide and for the treasonous surrender of Canada and its sovereignty to China through the Trudeau government’s Foreign Investment Protection Act. And so each of you stands under the same legal and moral judgement imposed on all of these criminal actors. As long as you serve them and their criminal “crown” system, you are under the law co-conspirators in a massive crime against the people, and you will face the consequences.

You each have an alternative. As of today, January 15, 2023, you have exactly thirty days to publicly renounce your Oath of Allegiance to King Charles of England, crown authority, and the government of Canada, and to pledge yourselves to the people and to their Republic and its lawful constitution. After that date, if you continue in your service of the criminal conspiracy called the Crown and Canada, you will be considered public enemies of the people and you will be subject to arrest and punishment according to the laws of the sovereign Republic of Kanata. That Republic is displacing and replacing crown jurisdiction through local Republic Assemblies and courts which embody the true, democratic will of the people.

We invite, we appeal, we order you under the law of God and man to stop serving foreign empires, wrongdoing and corruption, and to come over to the side of the people. You have thirty days to decide. But even after February 15, our Republic will welcome you with open arms if you step out from the genocidal and lawless regime you now serve. But choose quickly. The curtain of judgement and of history is already falling. For today, the flag of our Republic is being raised across the former dominion of Canada as a sign of the reclaiming of the land and its wealth for all the people, and not for the privileged and tyrannical few whom you now serve.

And to all Canadians, we urge you to take a personal step now towards a liberty you have never known, by becoming self-governing citizens of our free Republic. Within the protection and jurisdiction of the Republic, you can join our local Assemblies and pass your own laws to govern your communities as you see fit, according to the will of the people. The wealth, the laws, and the government of our nation belong in the hands of all of us, and it is in your power to reclaim them.

Learn more at republicofkanata.org and murderbydecree.com. And listen every Sunday to Here We Stand, the Voice of the Republic, at 6 pm eastern at bbsradio.com/herewestand . To become a citizen and take the pledge to the Republic of Kanata, contact republicnationalcouncil@protonmail.com .

For independence, for sovereignty, for liberty:

Long live the Republic of Kanata and free Humanity!