All that is hidden is being revealed: Rising as a new Nation as the old world collapses- A Communique and Update from Kevin Annett-Eagle Strong Voice and the Republic of Kanata on April 30, 2021

We are at a crossroads moment in our long battle to overcome tyranny. This message is for all of you who are enduring in that fight in the ranks of our sovereign Republic of Kanata, and to our allies at home and abroad.

Years ago, I heard a lecture in Vancouver that speaks to our present situation. The lecture was given by a surviving member of the German resistance movement against Hitler. His name was Wolf-Dieter Zimmerman and he helped found the Confessing Church that united Christian pastors opposed to Nazism at a time when all the German churches were backing Hitler’s totalitarian regime. Zimmerman’s words are especially relevant to us these days as the COVID police state escalates.

At one point during his talk someone asked him how people he knew responded to Hitler’s coming to power. Zimmerman replied, “Many people looked for ways to immediately resist the Nazis, with demonstrations, strikes and pamphleteering. Those people were defeated or died quickly because they did not understand that they faced a new kind of enemy. Instead, a few of us in the Confessing Church withdrew to a small community called Finkewalde to search for the inner clarity and will to sustain our resistance for the years ahead. We knew that Nazism would not disappear overnight because it was not a foreign entity but had emerged from among us. It had to be resisted spiritually as well as politically, but only by us first baring our souls and accepting our complicity and responsibility for it. We could not fight an evil so profound with inner blindfolds on.”

Zimmerman precisely described our situation today. Those who claim to be opposing the COVID tyranny do not understand what it is they are fighting if their words and deeds mean anything. Like the anti-Nazi Germans in 1933, they are waving placards and protesting with their minds in the past, without realizing that they are facing a new evil that has emerged from among them. And that inner blindfold is leading many of them up a blind alley and over a cliff.

Instead, a handful of us have done like Wolf-Dieter Zimmerman and stepped back from knee-jerk responses to oppression by understanding the new tyranny and replacing it in our own minds and hearts. That has been the thrust of our Republic of Kanata and its creation of not only a separate political and legal jurisdiction to a criminal society but a mental and spiritual independence from it as well. For we appreciate the truth of Sun Tzu’s words in The Art of War, that battles are won or lost by armies because of the clarity and the will of their commanders.

We who established the Republic of Kanata in January 2015 have made many mistakes and so have learned many hard lessons, especially over the past year as the COVID tyranny has descended. One of our biggest errors was to over-estimate the minority of self-described “awake” Canadians. We assumed from their words that they were ready and able to be free and exercise the self-governance they spoke about. We learned the hard way that the opposite is true.

As hundreds of people reacted to the new tyranny last spring and filled our ranks, our movement quickly formed dozens of local Assemblies that passed their own laws banning COVID measures and taking back power in their communities. But paradoxically, most of these Assemblies collapsed quickly because the same people cooled off and refused to risk such a step. In many cases sworn Republic citizens abandoned and betrayed their pledge, attacked me and each other, and sabotaged their own Assemblies. They often fell back on the easy route of passively attending protest rallies and listening to the same old limited speeches rather than actively build an alternative to the tyranny through our new Republic.

Some of these setbacks are natural in any movement filled with inexperienced newcomers. A natural sifting-out process occurs where the “sunshine patriots” fall away at the first sign of trouble while the real fighters remain. And so indeed, from out of those mistakes and losses a handful of people have stayed true. Our movement is not only enduring but is now being led by those more seasoned veterans who own their own minds, refuse to betray our purpose and are not afraid to lead others into battle.

Like Wolf-Dieter Zimmerman we have endured by first looking into the mirror when we seek the enemy. We understand that the evil facing us runs deep in our culture and must be overthrown in ourselves as well as around us. To draw a comparison from history, we veterans are becoming the kind of spiritual warriors of the New Model Army who overthrew the British monarchy in 1649 as part of the Puritan Republic in whose tradition we stand.

Like our movement, the 17th century English revolution that abolished monarchy went through its tentative birth process and early defeats. According to Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan leader,

“Our Parliamentary troopers are most of them old, decayed serving men, whilst our royalist enemy are young men of belief and purpose. Do you think that the spirits of such uninspired fellows as we have in our ranks will be ever able to encounter those that have courage and resolution in them? You must get men of a spirit that will survive every defeat and be sustained with a Godly ideal. If you do not, I am sure we will be beaten still.” (To Parliamentary leader John Hampden, 1642)

Cromwell did not wait for Parliament to act but set about raising such a Godly-inspired “New Model Army”. He recruited and trained only those men who shared his Puritan beliefs and zeal for a “Bible Republic without kings, popes and bishops”. By 1645 his new army was defeating the King’s professional army in every battle, and it finally overthrew monarchy, executed the King, and created the world’s first Republic in 1649. As Cromwell commented,

“Our soldiers are Christians first and soldiers second, and their high spirit proves stronger than any lack of arms, experience or numbers. As Godly men they are a hundredfold stronger than those who know not why they fight and are led astray by selfish passion. The hand of God is upon our army and our men trust that hand.”

Our own Republic is going through a similar transition right now. From out of the ashes of recent attacks and disruptions, we are forming and training a smaller but tighter cadre of leaders who have learned how to engage our enemy, the COVID Corporatocracy.

These local leaders are led first by a common vision of a Godly Republic of equality, liberty, and self-governance. They are becoming the wheel that is moving many others into action but based on firm principles and a common discipline. We know from experience that this spirit combined with tight local organization can overcome all the snares and lies sent against us by our enemy.

In that regard let me share a very instructive example of the successful tactics we are using against that enemy. For the theory of something is gray, but the living tree of experience is always green.

We have experienced for some time how any public effort we make to form local Assemblies is quickly targeted for infiltration and disruption by the state, especially on the west coast, where all nine of our Assemblies have been sabotaged. For that reason, we have decentralized our work into smaller Republic cell groups of three to five sworn citizens. These cells are less easily infiltrated and are able to take actions unexpectedly and quickly with the advantage of a small guerilla force. Eventually the cells combine to form a more durable Assembly. This approach has allowed most of our work to remain concealed but effective. We are known only to the immediate people we are working with, which covers us as we plant the seeds and roots of our Republic in many communities and light many brushfires that are harder to extinguish.

However, on occasion we have deliberately created the public impression that we are working on a larger scale to test our enemy’s fire. We do that as a covert operation to flush out our enemies and test their methods, in the way a commander will send out a decoying skirmish line ahead of his main army to draw the enemy’s fire and help him judge their strength and tactics from a distance.

A few months ago, we created this kind of skirmish decoy by linking four of our local cell groups across Kanata in regular zoom calls and joint work. These groups were based in Vancouver, the southern interior of BC, south-central Ontario, and New Brunswick. Sure enough, after barely six weeks this experimental network was disrupted and destroyed by the same “fear and smear” methods that have wiped out our other Assemblies. But this takedown in early March was quicker and more crude than previous attacks, suggesting an urgent desperation by our adversary.

Two events triggered this rapid move against us: the convening of a national Grand Jury investigation by the four cell groups and a public protest by the Vancouver group at known Satanic sacrificial sites, including St. Paul’s Hospital and the underground tunnel network linking downtown Vancouver churches with the child-killing Vancouver Club.

Within a week of this protest and the public announcement of the opening of our Grand Jury, the Vancouver group and then the other three cells switched sides and attacked the Republic and me using the standard rhetoric and lies of the RCMP black ops campaign against our movement. The same week that I faced this torrent of new lies and attacks from my former compatriots in the Vancouver cell group, I was targeted with a false COVID isolation order by one of the Canadian politicians named in our Grand Jury indictment, federal ‘Public Safety’ Minister Bill Blair.

These coordinated attacks were not coincidental. They revealed not only a collusion between our turncoat members and the federal government, but a new level of fear and desperation by our enemy because of the quickness with which they took the bait of our decoy. This skirmish operation helped us by giving us insights into our enemy and identifying and weeding out the weaker and more corruptible people among us.

It is only fair and right to note that for many years, I have personally taken on the same Skirmisher role to draw upon himself the full fire of our enemy and allow our wider movement to observe and operate against it from a place of concealment. When our friends and foes alike blithely wonder why I am often the main public spokesman for the Republic, they are not understanding the requirements of war and the need to keep our strength and leadership hidden and beyond the enemy’s reach. We allow our adversary to see only what we want him to see: that is the proven key to success for any small but growing revolutionary movement like ours.

I know from my own experience that I would not be capable of playing this arduous role for so long and of having the tremendous impact I have had unless I was armed and protected with an inner spiritual force that overcame my penniless, persecuted situation. That personal power is the quality of any genuine leader and frankly it is what makes people of lesser character and light hate and revile me.

Nevertheless, their dark methods have no power over me or the movements I have inspired. Those pathetic individuals who recently praised me one moment and stabbed me in the back the next should reflect long and well on that fact and remember that the lowest Ninth Circle of hell is reserved for those who betray a sacred trust.

In fact, the power that has acted through my example and integrity over the years has created signs and revelations in the world that even the most ignorant cannot deny. By forcing the truth of the Canadian genocide and church-based child killing into the open, compelling the resignation of “pope benedict” in 2013, and launching a global movement for common law Republics, I have revealed the essentially anti-life and Satanic nature of the world system and set about its dissolution.

This power was demonstrated seven years ago at Easter of 2014, when I performed a final exorcism outside the Vatican. In God’s name and purpose, I issued a Global Emancipation Proclamation that day that nullified the power and institution of the Vatican and its offspring, the global Corporatocracy.

That action and the divine force that acted through it has torn out the heart of their evil system, and today we are witnessing its collapse from the inside out. But that disintegration is provoking the full fury of a dying entity and all those it controls: a fury aimed at those who stand outside the Group Mind and spirit of the beast whose outer form is the global Corporatocracy.

Our Republic movement has itself been a skirmish line in the battle against this entity, allowing our higher presence to understand and engage with the unseen powers that enslave humanity. We have learned in the process that a judgement is descending on all of us because of our willing compliance with the blood-soaked system we call “civilization”. We cannot expect nor should we desire to avoid or overcome that judgement, for it has emerged from among us and the choices we have made, as individuals and societies. By going through its fire, we will learn who is meant to endure and survive it to prove worthy of the new reality embodied in our sovereign Republic of Equals.

What all this means in the months ahead is that our movement is streamlining and purifying itself. Our Republic will consist only of those true citizens who share our common vision, sacrifice, and discipline, in the manner of the New Model Army. This purified elect is part of a new Covenant formed between us and God, based solely in God’s law: a covenant that is the basis of our spiritual and political lives.

Precisely such a covenant between a chosen few and God formed the basis of the English and the American Republics, which emerged from self-governing, separate congregations of “citizens of heaven who serve Christ alone in opposition to the powers of the world.” We in the Republic of Kanata stand upon such a covenant as a separated and revolutionary remnant that puts an end to the old world as a new one emerges.


Let those chosen to understand step forward now. , ,