Breaking News Media Release: Monday, August 30, 2021- Genocide whistleblower and Republic convener begins campaign tour as Canadian election looms – Kevin Annett challenges Prime Minister Trudeau to public debate, calls on Canadians to boycott “treasonous election” and vote for Republic of Kanata – Republic Passports to be issued starting September 8

Genocide whistleblower and Republic convener calls for boycott of Canadian election

 Also see this exclusive TV interview with Kevin, August 27 (begins at 6:25)—Kevin-Annett—Richard-Kiernicki-and-Signe-Miranda:b?r=BYKhfSM71JxM2LEarzo1jtJqY6UANXkF&t=393


The man who exposed genocide in Canada and sparked the rise of a Republic in that country has begun a continent-wide campaign tour to “challenge the treason and tyranny” of the Trudeau regime and pull back the lid on ongoing Crimes against Humanity in Canada.

Kevin Annett, who campaigned under the banner of the Republic of Kanata during the 2019 federal election, began his tour with a live television interview in Toronto.

“To mark a ballot in a Canadian election is to commit treason” said Kevin on the air of That Channel TV.

“To vote on September 20 is to elect Members of Parliament who swear sole allegiance to a criminally convicted foreign monarch named Elizabeth Windsor. It is to endorse the treason of both Liberal and Conservative governments that have handed over Canada to China. It is to ratify the admitted genocide of a godless Canadian church and state that murdered over 60,000 indigenous children and continue their crimes and coverups today. I therefore call upon Justin Trudeau to debate me publicly concerning why he should not face immediate arrest as a war criminal and a treasonous agent of a foreign power.”

Kevin Annett, who has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and recently for the Order of Canada, is conducting his campaign tour under the auspices of the Republic of Kanata, a sovereign nation founded in 2015 and established lawfully at its first constitutional convention last July 1-4 in Vancouver. The Republic is the only movement in Canada to advocate and actively establish political independence from the British Crown and its puppet regime in Ottawa.

On September 8, the Republic will be issuing passports to its citizens. According to Kevin,

“We are citizens of a separate nation and jurisdiction, and Canada’s so-called ‘vaccine passports’ do not apply to us. Any attempt to impose them on us will be considered an act of war against our sovereign nation and its people and will be resisted accordingly.”

Kevin is also campaigning on behalf of the newly formed Canadian Genocide Tribunal, established by international jurists and indigenous elders to conduct independent excavations at mass graves of Indian residential school children, and bring criminal charges against those responsible.

Retired RCMP officer George Brown of the Nishga indigenous nation supports Kevin Annett and the Tribunal, and says,

“I was on the first RCMP Task Force into the residential schools in the 1990’s and we were told to never disclose anything about murder or anything that would implicate the government or the churches. It’s time for that kind of criminality at the top to end, and we can start by backing Kevin Annett and the independent Tribunal.”

Suzanne Holland of the traditional Chilcotin indigenous nation in central ‘British Columbia’ also endorses the campaign.

“We support Kevin and endorse the Republic of Kanata. We have ordered the genocidal churches and RCMP off our land. It is time whites and indigenous joined hands to end the colonial regime and police state called Canada.”

Kevin’s tour will see him speak on campuses, at public rallies and media events, and in indigenous communities. He will also hold training workshops and Republic Citizenship Schools in many communities across the continent.

“All true patriots should write ‘Republic of Kanata’ on their ballots on September 20 and become citizens in our new nation” said Kevin.

“The only choice now is between self-governance or slavery.”