Boycott mandatory vaccinations on our campuses! Launching the Free University as the Resistance grows-Sept. 8, 2021

Boycott Corporate U! Reclaiming our Minds and our Universities

The Free University of the Republic of Kanata is opening today, September 8, as an alternative to the covid police state and mandatory vaccinations being established on Ontario college campuses.

Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice describes the reason to boycott corporate universities and re-establish free conscience and our own curriculum, and how to go about it. Kevin and other Resistance scholars will be offering online and public lectures and seminars on the real history, politics and nature of “Canada” in the coming weeks as part of the Free University.

And listen to this recent broadcast of our Republic’s program, Here We Stand, on academic censorship in Canada and how to build an alternative:
Fighting the COVID tyranny on our campuses: Free Conscience, Free Speech, Free Universities! Posted August 8, 2021 on the first anniversary of the passing of the Republic’s anti-covid measures laws. See and