An Urgent Message to the Convoy Truckers and to all Canadians and Lovers of Freedom

An Urgent Message to the Convoy Truckers and to all Canadians and Lovers of Freedom

Arming Ourselves for the Long Haul: Moving Beyond Protest to Reclaiming the Nation from Tyranny

A Call from the International Common Law Court of Justice and the sovereign Republic of Kanata

Protesters jailed without bail – Bank accounts seized without court orders – Lawful dissent crushed by politicians in the pay of China and Big Pharma: Welcome to business as usual in Canada. But a new storm of revolt is confronting the tyrants.

On January 15, an arrest warrant was issued by our Court against Justin Trudeau and Governor General Mary Simon for committing genocide and treason in the pay of China. Armed with our other warrants, citizens have lawfully seized the deadly covid drug and nullified the covid measures. The magnificent trucker protests are part of a grassroots peoples’ revolution that is our answer to the tyranny of Big Pharma and their puppet politicians.

Now is the time to move beyond just protesting. The covid “mandates” are only one scale on a bigger monster: a new global corporate dictatorship being imposed behind the cover of the covid scare.

The covid-19 drug was developed through the medical murder of children, here and in China, which is buying up, occupying, and governing whole areas of western Canada, thanks to the “Foreign Investment Protection Act” brought in by both Tory and Liberal governments. The regime in Ottawa is a lawless puppet regime run by China and its corporate allies that is attacking the lives and liberties of Canadians. It must be actively resisted by every patriot and lover of freedom!

Here is how you can mount such resistance and replace the criminal regime in Ottawa:

1. In your community, hold a town meeting and by the Will of the People, establish a permanent Citizens’ Assembly to replace the criminal “crown” system of Canada and its unaccountable parliament and courts.

2. In your Assembly and in your own common law courts, pass local laws and enforce them with your own Sheriffs, including laws abolishing covid measures and keeping federal tax money in your community.

3. To defend yourselves, your Assembly and court, and your community, form a local Citizens’ Militia under the jurisdiction of your Assembly.

4. In your Assembly, elect delegates to a National Constitutional Convention that will establish a Republic and a National Congress: a government of, by, and for all the people. This Convention is planned for July 1-4, 2022.

Our Republic is building these Assemblies and Courts in all six regions of Canada. Our regional conveners can help you to take these steps and reclaim our country wherever you live. Let us join hands now and stop the covid dictatorship by taking power into our own hands in a new sovereign Republic of Liberty!

Stand by for more, including every Sunday on the Voice of the Republic and the Resistance at 3 pm pacific and 6 pm eastern at .

Issued on February 24, 2022 by the International Common Law Court of Justice within the jurisdiction of the sovereign Republic of Kanata

(Established in Lawful Assembly in Winnipeg on January 15, 2015) , www.murderbydecree.comContact: ,