Kanata Rising: A new TV program by the Republic of Kanata, starting this Friday July 1 2022

News and Education from the frontlines of an emerging Nation

Premier show: Friday, July 1, 2022, on Kanata Day!

At 5 pm pacific, 8 pm eastern on www.not.tv/live and every subsequent Wednesday and Friday at that time

How do we overcome the present tyranny and create a land of liberty for all? Learn the lessons of our hidden history and our struggling present from people who are creating a future of freedom on the ground!

Kanata Rising is the voice of the sovereign Republic of Kanata: our answer to oppression and genocide. Through our half hour of news, analysis, and practical teaching and training, we inspire and equip people to reclaim our nation and reconstruct it on a new foundation of equality and mutual aid.

With your host Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

Kanata Rising will also be posted at https://www.facebook.com/wearenottv

See www.republicofkanata.org and www.murderbydecree.com ; and write to republicnationalcouncil@protonmail.com


Kanata Rising

News and Education from the frontlines of a New Nation

Kanata: a word from the Haudenosaunee people, meaning “Where the people gather as one around the council fire.”

The Republic of Kanata is a sovereign federation of free, self-governing people based on the original Two Row Wampum Treaty between indigenous and settler nations that vowed to share the land and its wealth equally.

Called out from a global tyranny that is waging war against the earth and its people, we return to the Source to recover the Natural Law of Equality, Liberty, and Harmony. Guided by that Supreme Law, we reclaim the nation through our own Assemblies, Courts, and Militias, according to the free will of the people. Kanata is rising as that new nation, like the first buds of springtime.

This is the Voice of the Republic of Kanata and of its people.

This is Kanata Rising.

So now, it is time for each of us to choose: