Statement on the Obstruction of the “Kanata Rising” program at, and future plans-Issued by the Republic of Kanata and Kevin Annett

Statement on the Obstruction of the “Kanata Rising” program at, and future plans

Issued by the Republic of Kanata and Kevin Annett

June 30, 2022

The planned launching of “Kanata Rising” on on July 1 has been prevented and will not occur. Instead, the contents of that first program will be aired on you tube,, and through other media platforms, as will future programs of the series.

A copy of the you tube link and associated material from the July 1 show is found here, and below: – Kanata Rising: A New Voice of Liberty in “Canada”

The obstruction of “Kanata Rising” was the result of deliberate sabotage of its production and broadcast by one and possibly more members of the staff, in collusion with a proven black operative, Susan Stanfield, who is associated with .

During the spring and summer of 2021, Stanfield disrupted and sabotaged our Republic’s Vancouver Assembly, including by secretly recording discussions in meetings and rebroadcasting them without peoples’ permission. When Kevin Annett learned that Stanfield had a program on, he warned its staff of her actions, but they ignored him, and continued working with Stanfield and involved her in their marketing campaigns.

For these and other reasons that will be made public, we have lost confidence in and will broadcast “Kanata Rising” on more trustworthy media platforms. Our work and the Republic of Kanata continues.

Issued on June 30, 2022 by the Republic National Council

These links followed the above introduction by Kevin Annett, played in this sequence:

1. (1) The Basis of our Self-Governance: A History – YouTube , 2:39

2. (1) The Meaning of Kanata – YouTube , 1:57

3. (1) The Canadian Election and Non-Cooperation with a Genocidal Regime – YouTube , 1:40

4. (1) Building the Republic of Kanata: How and Why – YouTube , 3:48

5. (1) The Murder of Vicky Stewart by the United Church of Canada – YouTube , 0:58

6. (1) The Mass Grave at the Anglican Mohawk School: Its Uncovering and Subsequent Coverup – YouTube , 3:21

7. (1) Black Ops, Threats and Cover Up of Genocide in Canada: One Man’s Experience – YouTube , 2:11