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Public Statement and Media Advisory of Kevin Annett regarding his forcible confinement and targeting by the Government of Canada Issued April 5, 2021 within the jurisdiction of the sovereign Republic of Kanata

Breaking News Last Friday, April 2, I received from the Government of Canada an Emergency Order to Isolate. This Order falsely claimed that I had recently returned to Canada from another country and therefore had to immediately self-isolate or face six months in jail. I state categorically that I did not leave Canada recently and that ….  Read More

Breaking News Release – March 6, 2021– Grand Jury convened to indict Canadian police and prison officials with assault, kidnapping and torture – Governor-General, Public Safety Minister named as co-conspirators in Crimes against Humanity and “institutionalized criminality”

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Issued by the National Council of the Republic of Kanata Ottawa: A public Grand Jury is convening on Monday, March 22 to issue criminal indictments against Canadian officials who are charged with kidnapping and torturing a non-citizen of Canada. Among those who will be summoned to appear before the Grand Jury will be the acting ….  Read More

Breaking News Release: February 4, 2021 Republic Official kidnapped, unlawfully detained and tortured by Crown officials – Prosecution of those responsible sought in domestic and international courts

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On January 8, a leading citizen and official of the Republic of Kanata, Paul of the Kuleba family, was kidnapped at gunpoint under an unendorsed warrant by the Durham Regional Police. For three weeks he was imprisoned unlawfully in the Central East Correction Center in Lindsay, Ontario, denied Habeas Corpus and subjected to physical assaults, ….  Read More


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Paul Kuleba, the chief convener for the Republic in central Ontario and a Republic citizen, has been summarily arrested and jailed by the Durham Regional Police. Paul is being held incommunicado in the Central East Correctional Centre at 541 Kawartha Lakes County Road 36 in Lindsay, Ontario (ph: 705-328-6000). He is not allowed to receive ….  Read More

A Public Notice and Invitation to the Police Forces of our Community Defend the Health and Liberty of the People: Do Not Enforce Unlawful and Unhealthy Covid Measures!

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As sworn peace officers, you are entrusted to defend us as citizens. You are not obligated to enforce measures that endanger or attack our health or civil rights. But that is exactly what is expected of you now by the handful of bureaucrats who are unlawfully imposing masking, distancing, and mandatory vaccinations on all of ….  Read More

“Pope Snuffing” Court targets Crimes on Canada’s west coast – Arrests and Convictions sought as new evidence surfaces of an “international criminal conspiracy”

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“Pope Snuffing” Court targets Crimes on Canada’s west coast – Arrests and Convictions sought as new evidence surfaces of an “international criminal conspiracy” The International Court that convicted and deposed Pope Benedict and indicted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Complicity in Genocide has commenced criminal proceedings on Canada’s west coast against a group of co-conspirators ….  Read More